4 Reasons Why Should Buy Real Estate in Grand Bahama Isand

The Bahamas, world famous Grand Bahama Island is well known for its pristine sandy beaches, and crystal clear water.  People from every corner of the world come here to enjoy the laid back lifestyle, fall in love and return  again and again. There are many reasons to make Bahamas your permanent home here at Hideaway Bahamas Beach Club or one of our Hideaway Bahamas Retreat properties.

Hideaway Beach Villa

Hideaway Beach Villa

Here are some interesting reasons why you should buy a property in Bahamas.

  1. Tropical climate and beautiful beaches

Sea, sand and beaches are the life of Bahamas and the reason why so many people visit here every day.  The tropical climate is a perfect reason why it is such an ideal place to live year-round. The day time temperature and water temperature are perfect.  There are many beaches and small islands and interesting sites to see.  We also have a large ex-pat community.

  1. Low Cost of Living

The Bahamas is not only known for its beautiful beaches and lively lifestyle, it is also reasonable to get to and to enjoy the way of life here. More people visit in search of their piece of paradise. We offer  Bahamas real estate for sale stay with us and lets look together. We can guide you through the buying experience, explain the real estate buying procedure, help open Bank accounts and manage your property while you are away.

  1. No tax

Bahamas is a place where there is a lot of freedom from lots of taxes. There is no personal taxes,  for people who have come to live from other countries. The government has introduced laws that make easy real estate buying and heavily promote private investment. This is your chance to invest in Bahamas real estate.

  1. Stable Economy

Bahamas enjoys a very healthy economy which has been stable since the 90’s. The easy tax system has attracted a lot of private investment, which also contributes to the economic growth of this island country.

Buying a property in Bahamas is one of the best real estate decisions you can make. What you enjoyed in holidays and vacations, you can enjoy it everyday with a real estate property.  Come join us, we are Expats too and we found paradise and its right here.